Hetronic AC Charger Sq. Yellow Battery

Charger NOVA/ERGO 90-270VAC 300/780mA Euro-Plug/Fast Charge

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Hetronic Charger NOVA/ERGO 90-270VAC 300/780mA Euro-Plug / with Fast Charge Keypad Logo “HETRONIC”

We have Hetronic battery chargers for sale to keep your batteries fully charged and ready to go! We stock crane batteries for knuckle boom trucks, articulating cranes, knuckle booms, drywall, wallboard,  sheetrock, jib cranes, truck-mounted, boom trucks, ship crane, construction.

Suitable for:

68108500.A, 68108510.A, 68108515, 68108520.A, 68108525.A, 68108550, 68108600.A, 68108650, 68108660.A, 68300505, 68300506, 68300510, 68300520, 68300525, 68300530, 68300535, 68300540

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