Hetronic Square Yellow Battery

Hetronic Battery Nova/Ergo NiMH 9.6V/600mAh

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Genuine OEM Hetronic Battery NOVA/ERGO NiMH 9.6V/600mAh YEL

Hetronic’s new line of rechargeable Lithium battery packs includes the 3.2Ah flat-pack for our NEW ERGO120, 14 button Hand-held Transmitter for Crane, Hoist, Mobile Hydraulic and Material Handling applications and the New long-lasting, high-performance 9Ah Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery Pack for the NEW NOVA 4.3 with our crystal clear TFT Color display for feedback and streaming video.  The 9Ah lithium-ion battery provides longer life and greater efficiency.

Suitable for:

68108500.A, 68108510.A, 68108515, 68108520.A, 68108525.A, 68108550, 68108600.A, 68108650, 68108660.A, 68300505, 68300506, 68300510, 68300520, 68300525, 68300530, 68300535, 68300540

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